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Precision Sealcoating

Sealcoating is a preventive maintenance measure that only costs pennies per square foot.


Accuseal Precision Sealcoating  provides top-quality sealcoating for residential and commercial applications. We use some of the best materials and application methods available today.


Our Process


Step One: We start by using a power edger to trim and remove any grass or dirt along the edges of your parking lot. This is an important step, since the edges of your parking lot are where deterioration usually starts. This also allows us to seal up to the very edge of the pavement and gives a clean look when finished.


Step Two: Pavement sealer will not adhere to dirt or mud. As a result, cleaning is considered to be the most important aspect of the sealcoating process. Depending on your lot size, we thoroughly clean your parking lot using robust sealcoating equipment - either a combination walk behind blower/rotary broom or a Bobcat with a rotary broom or turbine blower. For very large lots we use a truck mounted street sweeper.


Step Three: Oil spots are treated with a primer to allow proper adhesion of the sealer.


Step Four: If required, structural cracks are filled with a hot rubberized crack-filler.


Step Five: The area to be sealed is closed off to traffic and pedestrians.


Step Six: Coal tar emulsion is applied using a brush or spray application. The trim is brushed by hand to reduce any possibility of over-spray on walkways, curbs or buildings. All roadway and driveway ends are given a clean, straight end for a professional look.


Step Seven: Line striping (if required)


Crack repair is essential to maintaining the life and look of your asphalt. Whether it's deterring traffic at your retail or commercial location or a safety issue at home, AccuSeal will use rubberized crack sealing to alleviate issues with cracks without having to pay for costly pavement replacement

Crack Repair

Parking lots provide a glimpse in to your business and its appearance provides customers the first impression of your establishment. We provide high quality pavement marking services to give your parking lot the clean, professional look your establishment needs and deserves.


We offer:

- Painting and layout of new stall lines

- Re-painting of existing stall lines and pavement markings

- ADA approved handicap stalls

- Directional arrows

- Word stenciling

- Painted curbing

- Painted parking bumpers

- Specialty stencils

- Painting or re-painting light pole bases


Professional Striping

AccuSeal Precision Sealcoating

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